Restaurant workers: This marijuana dispensary feels your pain

As the owners of 8 Rivers, their fourth restaurant, Wanda James and Scott Durrah know the food business. And as the owners of Apothecary of Colorado, the medical marijuana dispensary they opened in December at 1730 Blake Street, just two blocks from their restaurant at 1550 Blake, they know their pot.

They're merging those two interests not just with a medical marijuana cooking class they'll offer at 8 Rivers on January 16, but with an e-mail blast that calls AOC the "restaurant industry's mmj dispensary" and asks this of chefs, bartenders and servers: "Do you suffer from chronic back, hip, leg, knee pain or insomnia?"

If so, "We understand your lifestyle," they say. And so AOC is holding a restaurant industry doctor night on Monday, January 18, from 4 to 7 p.m. "Call for an appointment. Get legal tonight!" The number to dial: 303-296-5566.


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