Restaurante 100% Mexicano throws grand-opening party tonight, Mexican Independence Day

Shawn Camden calls his restaurant, which he opened at 2850 Iris Avenue two months ago, Boulder's first authentic Mexican restaurant.

The menu at Restaurante 100% Mexicano proffers tamales, tortas and tacos, and it's possible to get beef stomach, fried pig skin and tongue. His space features a salsa bar. Beverages include Mexican Coke and horchata. And while those factors alone don't necessarily validate his claim of being "authentic," he's definitely offering Mexican food that goes beyond bean and rice burritos, chips and salsa and the cheese enchiladas that make up most of the South-of-the-Border offerings of this town (though, yes, those items are available, too).

Camden is the co-founder of a program called Intercambio de Comunidades, an immigrant outreach program that gives recent arrivals access to a variety of workshops, including English and U.S. citizenship classes, all of which are designed to help them integrate and prosper in their new communities.

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Tonight, the spot will throw its grand-opening party, to coincide with Mexican Independence Day, from 6 to 10 p.m.

For more information, call 303-440-4141.

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