Restaurants selling drinks to support National Lemonade Day and childhood cancer research

Today is National Lemonade Day, and it's not just for kids. For the past few days, local restaurants have been taking a stand on this holiday, raising funds to combat childhood cancer.

In 2000, four-year-old cancer patient Alexandra Scott decided to set up a lemonade stand in front of her house to raise money to find a cure for cancer. A cure didn't come in time to save her, but Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation carried on her cause and has funded more than 250 cancer-research projects around the country.

Four restaurants -- two in Boulder, two in Denver -- will be serving lemonade-inspired drinks tonight, with part or all of the proceeds going to the ALSF.

The lineup:

Frasca Food and Wine Paduan Sunday 1.5 oz. Aperol .5 oz. Luxardo Amaretto 1.5 oz. lemon juice .5 oz. honey syrup Put all ingredients in a mixing glass. Shake and pour over fresh ice in a Collins glass. Finish with soda water. Garnish with a lemon wheel and Luxardo cherry. Frasca will donate $7.50 for every $10 drink sold.

Pizzeria Locale Limoncello Spritz 1 oz. Limoncello 1 oz. Prosecco 2 oz. soda water Garnish with basil leaf Serve all ingredients in a wine glass poured over ice. Pizzeria Locale will donate $5 of every $7.50 drink.

Rioja Lemon Quencher 3 tablespoons Bombay Gin or gin of your choice 2 tablespoons house-made limoncello (preferred) or pre-made limoncello 1/4 cup ginger ale 1 squeeze of lime 1 squeeze of lemon 2 tablespoons cava or any sparkling wine Lemon or lime wheel, to garnish Rioja will donate all proceeds from each $11 drink.

Fuel Cafe Limoncello Cooler 2 oz. housemade limoncello fill remainder of glass with club soda Garnish with lemon, serve in a tall glass over ice Fuel will donate all proceeds of each $6 drink.

twelve Restaurant was also selling a lemonade drink this weekend, but it is not open today. Here's the recipe: Basil Lemonade 3 oz. 42 Below Vodka 1 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice Muddled ginger & basil .5 oz simple syrup Garnish with basil leaf, serve in a rocks glass over ice.

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Nathalia Vélez
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