Smoked cheddar biscuits with chorizo gravy and scrambled eggs.EXPAND
Smoked cheddar biscuits with chorizo gravy and scrambled eggs.
Mark Antonation

Revelry Kitchen, a Breakfast and Lunch Spot, Now Open in West Highland

After six months of preparation, sisters Vanessa Tuel and Sara Harris and their mom, Robin Harris, opened Revelry Kitchen this morning in the space that was formerly Indulge French Bistro. The quaint, homey spot will serve breakfast and lunch daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a menu from executive chef Enrique Socarras, whose Denver resume includes Cuba Cuba and a spot on this year's Denver Five culinary team.

Tuel and Sara Harris are restaurant veterans, but this is the first place they've owned. Harris says that neither she nor her sister are night owls, so after paying their dues for years in front-of-the-house roles, they decided a breakfast eatery would be the best way to put in a full day's work while still having family time at the end of the day.

The menu, from Socarras and pastry/sous chef Letisha Steele, who met Socarras when she was a server at Cuba Cuba and who was recently pastry chef at WaterCourse Bakery, comprises small plates, sweets and main dishes. Guests can choose from roasted-pumpkin cinnamon rolls and churro doughnuts on the sweet side, gravlax and lobster deviled eggs on the savory side, or larger plates like charred green-chile biscuits with scrambled eggs smothered in chorizo gravy; rum-raisin and banana pancakes; or a simple order of eggs, toast, pig and potatoes. For lunch, there's a nod to Socarras's past with a Cubano sandwich, but there's also a burger with house-cut fries and tomato soup served with a grilled cheese sandwich. Longtime residents of the neighborhood will appreciate the Northside rancheros, an egg plate with chile rojo, frijoles, pico de gallo and corn tortillas.

Insider tip: Almost everything on the menu is gluten-free. Nothing on the menu is specifically marked GF, but just ask your server — you might be surprised.

Churro doughnuts with chocolate ganache.EXPAND
Churro doughnuts with chocolate ganache.
Mark Antonation
Revelry Kitchen's sunny dining room and bar.EXPAND
Revelry Kitchen's sunny dining room and bar.
Mark Antonation
Revelry's decor captures country charm.EXPAND
Revelry's decor captures country charm.
Mark Antonation
Patio seating on the west side of the restaurant.EXPAND
Patio seating on the west side of the restaurant.
Mark Antonation
More of Revelry's dining room.EXPAND
More of Revelry's dining room.
Mark Antonation
Revelry Kitchen opened for breakfast this morning.EXPAND
Revelry Kitchen opened for breakfast this morning.
Mark Antonation
The opening menu at Revelry.EXPAND
The opening menu at Revelry.
Mark Antonation

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