Review Preview: Interstate Kitchen & Bar
Mark Manger

Review Preview: Interstate Kitchen & Bar

Americana is a pop culture celebration of this country's history, a glorified representation of such symbols as Route 66, fried chicken and the blues, sexed up in a way that panders to our collective consciousness and makes us proud of a past we may never really have experienced.

And Americana is what Interstate Kitchen & Bar was designed to cook up.

A modern take on a classic roadhouse, the restaurant serves up a menu of American standards paired with domestic beers and whiskey in digs that recall many of those symbols. Looking for a little comfort, American-style, I hit the place for this week's review, sampling things your mom might have made -- if she was the kind of all-American mom who served macaroni and cheese and pot roast and mashed potatoes and gravy.

With a whiskey back.

Was Interstate's comfort food enough to drive a nostalgic trip to the past? Find out tomorrow when the review is posted here.

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