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Ritz-Carlton introduces the newest way to consume beer: poured on your body!

You've drunk beer. Maybe you've made bread out of it, or even cooked up some beer-battered onion rings. Now the Ritz-Carlton is offering a higher-brow -- and way more expensive -- way to get your hops on: a full-body spa treatment.

The Mile High Malt Scrub and Microbrew Massage, part of the super-macho "Fall Into Football" promotion, was introduced in mid-October and will be offered until the end of the year -- and possibly longer, if the public clamors for it.

The process goes something like this. You walk in to the hotel spa, and instead of the usual chi-chi infused water (currently citrus), you get a glass of Great Divide Samurai Rice Ale. Then you strip down and are exfoliated with a mix of Samurai and malt. Since the Samurai is unfiltered, it chemically exfoliates your skin, says spa supervisor Jennifer Holzworth.

Next, you step into the Ritz's six-headed shower to wash off all that beer. When you're clean, you're doused with some Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout and wrapped in a towel. The dark stout is "full of Vitamin A, B and antioxidants," notes Holzworth; that means it works as a moisturizer. It also has clarifying properties for your hair, so it's massaged into your scalp, where it draws out the excess oils. "It's a noticeable difference," Holzworth promises.

The treatment ends with a glass of Yeti, consumed the good, old-fashioned way: You drink it.

"Everyone is all about going to local breweries and checking out the scene," Holzworth says. "These two [beers] are beneficial for your skin and body, but they are really delicious as well."

The Ritz first introduced beer treatments three years ago with its Hops and Honey pedicures ($125), currently rebranded as "Heisman Hops and Honey Pedicures." Other football-themed spa treatments include First Down Facial ($115), Touchdown Thai Massage ($165) and the Quarterback Sneak ($165) -- a sampler package with a 25-minute-long massage, facial and manicure.

The full 75-minute treatment, exclusive to the Denver Ritz (for now), costs $200 and includes all-day access to the spa, with such traditional amenities as a steam room and whirlpool. For more information, call 303-312-3830.

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