Rock and Roll Bingo, not Geeks Who Drink, provides Wednesday-night entertainment at Spanky's Roadhouse

In my second helping of Spanky's, a faux roadhouse near the University of Denver that serves up a convivial atmosphere and a weekly fish fry, I mentioned that the place also hosted Geeks Who Drink on Wednesday nights.

That was wrong. The bar has long since abandoned the weekly trivia night and replaced it with a different form of mid-week entertainment: Rock and Roll Bingo.

Rock and Roll Bingo is like Bingo for music aficionados; each player gets a card lettered with bands and songs, and when the host plays a song or shows the music video that's on your card, you get to tick off a square. And just like numerical Bingo, the first person to mark off a row of squares wins.

The festivities start every Wednesday at Spanky's at 7:30 p.m.

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