Rock, paper, scissors, booze at Nine75

This is awesome.

No, I mean really awesome. A silver lining to this shitty economy. A perfect fusion of two things I like: free booze and dumb bar games.

I'm talking about "Rock paper scissors" Mondays at Nine75 (975 Lincoln Street), the new promotion whereby customers get to challenge their favorite (or presumed unluckiest) server to a single throw of rock paper scissors in order to win a free appetizer (in the dining room) or a free drink (house wine, well or domestic beer) at the bar. It's simple: win the throw and you get some free stuff. How cool is that?

Yes, it's a goofy gimmick. Yes, it's little more than a thinly veiled come-on for getting people into a quiet dining room on a Monday night. Yes, it smacks mightily of that scene from National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation where Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie go to the cheap casino on the edge of town with Eddie's rainy-day money and play "Guess what number I'm thinking" -- but who cares! It's playing rock paper scissors for free booze, and that, my friends, has got to be something like the American Dream.

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