Rocky Mountain Brewery brews dessert in a glass

On Monday, we displayed a pictorial summary of everything that was edible at the Great American Beer Festival.

If mediocre barbecue and carbs weren't your thing, though, there was another option: Make continuous circles in the line for the bakery series by Rocky Mountain Brewery, a microbrewery and bar that opened a few years ago in Colorado Springs -- and drink your dinner. Or, uh, your dessert.

The crew behind the table, which included the brewer, a tall string bean of a man who was clad in a homemade "I made the Da Yoopers" Hanes undershirt, was pushing the Da Yoopers, a bright-red beer reminiscent of liquid cherry pie, with sweet, tart fruit and a yeastiness that resembled liquefied crust. Equally mindblowingly delicious, though, were the Tatonka Blueberry Cobbler and Eat a Peach, each beer a mouthful of its respective fruit.

The crowds were all over it, too, sipping their one-ounce pours and returning to the table immediately. And after a couple of trips through the line, our homebrewing friend hung his head in despair, saying, "I made a fruit beer once. I was pretty proud of it, too. But it didn't taste anything like this."

It may not have been actual food, but it sure beat a pretzel necklace.

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