Rodney's at Tamarac auctions off its equipment tomorrow

At the end of business on Saturday, January 22, Rodney Utz shuttered his Rodney's in Tamarac Square, ending a nineteen-year run. The closure came even though Utz still had six years left on the lease -- but it would have been a lonely six years, since the rest of the project had emptied out over the past year, as Developers Diversity Realty launched plans to raze and redevelop the property.

But tomorrow, you can buy your own piece of Rodney's: The contents of the restaurant will be auctioned off.

The goods up for sale include restaurant-specific equipment, like the range and grill, a steam table and a walk-in refrigerator. But anyone who is feeling particularly nostalgic for the old neighborhood joint might want to bid on the high-backed bar stools, cushioned dining room chairs or small wares. And the restaurant's LCD TVs are also available for purchase.

The Internet-only auction starts tomorrow at 1 p.m. on rollerauction.com. If you really want to get nostalgic, you can take your laptop to the original Rodney's, still going strong in Cherry Creek, and log in while sitting at the bar and downing a stiff drink.

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