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But that means 17 percent of this state's population -- nearly one person in every five -- is still suffering from a serious health problem that has the potential to kill. To be considered obese, you need a Body Mass Index higher than thirty -- which is really big. For example, if you're 5'6", you've got to weigh in at almost 200 pounds before you're considered obese. And almost 17 percent of our population is.

I don't know. Maybe those cranberry bliss balls aren't such a bad idea after all.

Restaurateur Jay Chadrom has brought in some outside help for Aqua, his new fish emporium at 925 Lincoln Street. Adde Bjorklund, who's been more or less out of the scene since the closure of his half-eponymous Bistro Adde Brewster in Cherry Creek a couple years ago, is now handling front-of-the-house and floorman duties.

"He's pretty much overseeing everything," Chadrom says. "You know, I've been trying to partner up with Adde on many occasions." They'd discussed a deal where Bjorklund would handle food at Chadrom's club, Sanctuary, and he even tried to bring Bjorklund aboard at Opal, across the street from Aqua. But nothing came together -- until now.

And Aqua's coming together, too, Chadrom says. The menu (all seafood, all the time), with its quasi-Asian/French inspiration, seems to have hit a nerve. Particularly popular is the $75 "Chef's Muse," a kind of deconstructed plateau de fruits de mer that offers all the best, freshest fish in the kitchen, assembled according to the fleeting inspirations of the cooks and served in successive banzai waves "until somebody says enough," according to Chadrom.

Chi Bistro, which opened at 1066 South Gaylord in July, has already burned through one chef and is on to its second: Dave Richmond, a former instructor at Johnson & Wales and ex of the Stanley Hotel.

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