Root Down at DIA introduces new composting system

Denver International Airport already has a composting program that it started last year as an efficient way to get rid of waste in the terminal. Now it's partnering with one of the DIA restaurants, Root Down, to bring composting to the concourses.

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Root Down will compost its organic waste in 65-gallon bins in the back of the restaurant; twice a week Waste Management will deliver them to A-1 Organics, a Colorado recycling company. "It really is a great system, and we have really great partnerships," says Heath Montgomery, DIA spokesman.

"One of DIA's priorities is to reduce the amount of solid waste that is sent to the landfill from our facility," he adds."We are investing in sustainability initiatives, like composting, because they help achieve this goal along with our broader environmental goals."

DIA introduced a composting program in the Jeppesen Terminal last year, collecting food waste from the restaurants there as well as paper towels from the terminal bathrooms; as a result, about 72 tons of solid waste has been recycled rather than sent to landfills.

Root Down's program is the first test outside the terminal. "We hope that composting on the concourses is a success, and that it will inspire other restaurants at DIA to join the efforts," Montgomery says.

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