Rosa Linda's offers 27 percent off today -- 27 years after it opened

Twenty-seven years ago today, Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe opened its doors at 2005 West 33rd Avenue.

The area has changed a lot since then -- this part of Highland is now the best restaurant neighborhood in the city -- but the Aguirre family still runs Rosa Linda's. Here's an e-mail from oldest son Oscar remembering those early days...and offering a birthday deal to customers:

27 years ago today, I woke up in the same room I sleep in today, I picked up my buddy Angel Del Real as we headed to Skinner Middle school... 8th grade. Mom and Dad woke up and went down to 2005 w 33rd ave and before they flipped the sign to OPEN, Mom and Dad said a Prayer: "Lord allow us today our first day in business, if you help me make the balloon payment I will feed the elderly and the disabled."

..27 years ago today my Mom and Dad opened Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe for the first time with 4 kids: Oscar 13, Virgilio Aguirre Jr 7. Eric Aguirre 3, Linda GA 1 and one on the way. Dad was working construction our first 3 years in business, Mom balanced being a mom and a business. WE made the the balloon payment, and we fed 250 meals at Thanksgiving.

27 years later we are all a little older, but WE ARE STILL HERE!! We fed the needy again, but this time we fed over 5,500 meals. We couldn't have done it without you. THANK YOU!!

We are offering 27% off today when you mention this.

Happy birthday to Rosa Linda's and the Aguirre family.

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