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Rosie Cakes brings the sassy side of sugar to the street

For proof that the cupcake trend is far from wearing out its welcome, look no further than Rosie Cakes, a new cupcake rig that hit the road running in September, after the woman behind the wheel, Rosie Desjardins, gave up a gig go-go dancing in Hollywood to unleash a cupcake-mobile on Denver.

"I love cupcakes. They're fun and cute, and when I lived in Hollywood, my roommate and I would always bake cupcakes, so people would call us the cupcake girls," says Desjardins, whose truck is wrapped with whimsy caricatures of her and her friends. "I'm young and wanted the graphics of the truck to fit my slogan, which is the sassy side of cupcakes," she notes.

Desjardins, who bought the truck in Wyoming, and has her own cupcake company, which she started in February, is similar to a lot of street truck vendors who would love to open their own storefront or restaurant, but can't afford the expense that goes along with it. "I've always dreamed of having my own store, but it's expensive, and doing the truck is a great way to get my name out there without having to spend a ton of money," explains Desjardins.

She caters special events, takes special orders and cruises around downtown, the Tech Center and Littleton Monday through Friday in her tricked-out truck hawking cupcakes and Rosie cakes -- or cupcakes on a stick, and, so far, says Desjardins, business has been brisk. "I've been super, super busy, which has been great. Word of mouth is definitely catching on," and so are $2 Tuesdays, when Desjardins pimps a flavor of the day for two bucks.

You can follow the cupcake truck's whereabouts on Facebook and on Twitter @RosieCakesTruck.

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Lori Midson
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