Construction Watch

RT Cafe Taking Over Drew's Denver Deli Space

We had high hopes when brothers Andrew and David Marx opened Drew's Denver Deli in the home of the original Spicy Pickle two years ago; Andrew already had experience in the sandwich business at Jimmy & Drew's in Boulder, which earned accolades from Esquire after opening in 2006. But Jimmy & Drew's is gone (its former address now belongs to Thai Kitchen), and Drew's closed this summer. Now, though, there are signs of life in the space at 988 Lincoln Street.

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Specifically, there's a banner over the front that shows this spot will soon be home to RT Cafe, which will offering breakfast and lunch to the neighborhood.

That neighborhood now includes Yura's Modern Asian Kitchen, which opened last month in the Beauvallon, joining a revived lineup that includes DiFranco's, 100% de Agave, Drip Coffeehouse and a second 9th Door.

The veteran on the block, of course, is Dazzle, the award-winning jazz club and restaurant at 930 Lincoln.

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