Run run Rudolph!
Run run Rudolph!

Rudolph: He's what's for dinner

Caffe Boa, the restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, that served rabbit at a very special Easter dinner, is at it again, with a multi-course, not-so-tasteful menu for Christmas that's a reindeer roundup.

Chef Payton Curry claims that his holiday meal features reindeer not from the North Pole, but from our own state of Colorado (with a few from Idaho thrown in).

For $65, you can dine on "caribou tartare gilded with pickled quail egg," "caribou tongue bruschetta with pickled watermelon radish and horseradish cream" and caribou sausage. There are also two pasta courses -- pappardelle with caribou Bolognese and caribou-filled tortellini in a parmesan broth -- as well as "bollito misto, a meat and vegetable stew."

What, no bowlful of jelly?

I tried to get more info on where, exactly, Curry was snagging his reindeer, but he never returned my call. So Santa should save a big lump of coal for him -- and also check his stables before he saddles up for that long winter's night, just in case those caribou aren't coming from Colorado after all.

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