From LoHi to sky-high: Rumor has it that Root Down will go into DIA.
From LoHi to sky-high: Rumor has it that Root Down will go into DIA.

Rumor has it Root Down will open a location at DIA

Not long ago, searching for a decent meal at Denver International Airport was like trying to discern the literary value of the Twilight saga: it just didn't exist. But over the past few years, the concourses have picked up a few decent options, including the Chophouse on Concourse A and the wine bar on Concourse B.

And it seems that things are about to get a whole lot better: We're hearing whispers that Root Down bested several other local restaurateurs in a round of proposals to land a spot at DIA.

For the flying community, that means a taste of Root Down's seasonal produce-focused menu, owner Justin Cucci's imaginative restaurant design and Cucci's and chef Daniel Asher's innovative cooking. It'll also, no doubt, offer vegetarians a veritable oasis -- and give Denver visitors a great welcome or send-off.

As of right now, both the airport and Cucci, who also owns Linger in the Lower Highland neighborhood, are remaining silent. The process to secure the spot goes beyond just winning the blessing of the airport, so it will likely take some time for the restaurant to sign a contract, and even longer for it to break ground on the space.

But it seems fairly certain that this is coming down the pipeline, affording all of us an excellent pre-flight meal option, and maybe even a reason to get to the airport early enough to dine.


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