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Reader: Safta Gets My Vote for Best New Restaurant of 2018

Danielle Lirette
By the time 2018 closes, the metro area will have seen more than 200 restaurants open...some of them very, very good, some of them already gone. Earlier this month, we posted our first look at twelve contenders for the Best New Restaurant of the Year. One of those, Safta, just got a full review from Gretchen Kurtz, who praised everything from the free pita to the view.

This is Kurtz's last review; she's turning in her reviewer's fork and focusing on other writing. But she's not the only one raving about this restaurant from Alon Shaya.

Says Joe: 
If this isn't the best new restaurant of 2018, I'll go eat a basket of stale rolls at one of those posers that charge for bread! I enjoyed every moment of my meal at Safta. Even the wait.
Adds Andrea: 
That's exciting. I've been to too many restaurants in Denver with store-bought pita.
Comments Kim: 
This looks fuckin' bomb.
Whitney offers this: 
But Sam points out some drawbacks:
 Once you get to Safta, the food can be very good. But maneuvering always-under-construction Brighton Boulevard to the Source Hotel, and then that parking lot, takes away my appetite. There are other new restaurants without those obstacles to an evening on the town.
Keep reading for more about Safta and other restaurants that opened this year.

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