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Salt's choose-your-own-adventure Cocktail Element gets the winter treatment

I usually prefer to let my bartender do the work for me, but when I reviewed Salt the Bistro, 1047 Pearl Street in Boulder, my dining companion's greatest delight there was the Cocktail Element, a choose-your-own-adventure guide that let him craft his perfect libation from a list of spirits and matched flavors. And the resulting cocktail was admittedly delicious, a blend of tamarind and tequila that was refreshing in the Indian summer.

Now Cocktail Element is getting a seasonal change.

Summery, citrusy flavor elements are gone, replaced by ginger and pear, cranberry and clove, and pumpkin spice -- all paired with suggested spirits on the list.

Worried about matching the right alcohol to your other ingredients? The beauty of Salt's program is that it's pretty hard to screw up -- the restaurant has already limited your flavor choices based on spirit, which means you don't have the chance to ask for something hideous.

Should you prefer a winter nip that you don't have to design, Evan Faber, Salt's bar director, is also revising his menu to include spiked hot chocolate and hot toddies.

Any one of which would be an ideal thing to sip in Salt's cozy bar, whiling away a cold night with the perfect winter drink.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.