Satchel's Market gets a new Swede, and along with him, a new menu

According to owner Andrew Casalini, Satchel's Market, his Park Hill restaurant at 5021 East 28th Avenue, is taking on a new chef by the name of Jens Patrik Landburg. A native Swede who began his culinary career at fifteen in Stockholm, Landburg made his way to Denver by way of Greece, Florida and several gigs in New York. Most recently he was the exec chef of Melt in Brooklyn.

As Lori Midson reported earlier this year, Satchel's Market is not a market in any sense of the word. Based on Landburg's proposed menu, however, we can skip the semantics. The board includes starters of a duck confit "mac and cheese," as well as garlic-marinated Mexican shrimp with romesco sauce. Salmon, mussels, a burger and slow-roasted beef brisket with squash and ricotta highlight the main dishes, while desserts feature a tequila and Fresno chili chocolate truffle.

Thanks be to that menu, we're officially hungry.

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