Scam on rye: a reservation that's hard to swallow

I've had my identity stolen by a porno palace; I've gotten e-mails from alleged relatives held hostage by Nigerians, demanding ransom.

But this latest request for a "reservation" at Cafe Society was a classic scam:

I wish to book for lunch for 15 of my guests.They will all come for lunch on 26 27,28 and 29 April 2010.We will make a deposit pre-payment of Euros {1000eur }to you, this is because we are not yet sure of what the guests might like to eat and drink. Our menu request will reach you before our arrival. The balance payment will be made on our last day. REQUESTED SERVICES a)Lunch for 15 guests,(Arrival 2pm daily 26th,27th,28th &29th April 2010) b)Wine tasting the same 15 guests(Dates(26th and 27th April 2010 noon time) I hereby make a firm request that you book the requested services for my guests .I am going to send you a credit card that will cover the cost of our accomodation for the selected period,and the necessary arrangment for the Delegates.So you will be handling the reservation for all of us. Moreover, I also made an arrangement with a pre paid Transport Consultant who will take care of our flight arrangements to your place and transportion to other destinations during our entire stay.Due to the condition of our Travel, I do not want to share my credit card information with a third party.I want you to handle my credit cards alone for security reasons.I will send a credit card of 8500eur to you.You will take a deposit of 1000 eur and transfer 7500 eur to our transport agent for immediate commencement of all our travel arrangements cum other logistics. so confirm to me that you understand our arrangment that once you are in receipt of the credit card information,you are required to charge it and,confirm the amount of 8500)in your account then deduct {1000 eur} deposit for your accommodation and Transfer {7500 eur) to the Transport agent whose Bank information will be forwarded to you and exact arrival time once this arrangement is confirmed.There will be no extra cost to be incurred by your establishment. All bank transfer charges shall be invoiced to me.I will settle the balance in subsequent transactions or at arrival.I understand that this is not your duty but render it as an assistance because we are going to be your guest.So Kindly, confirm this arrangement with our transport agent and provide me with your 1) YOUR FULL NAME 2) ADDRESS 3) PHONE NUMBERS Kind Regards Dr Alan Postal address: University of Bristol, Senate House, Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TH, UK

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