Scottish whiskey in a can -- coming soon?

Think caffeinated malt liquor was the most creative thing you'd ever find in a can? Wrong. A Panamanian company just put twelve ounces of hard liquor in a can, and it's on sale right now in the Caribbean and South America.

Scottish Spirits is now testing canned Scottish Whisky, eight shots of alcohol in an aluminum vessel that can be cracked on the beach, in a park or anywhere else you might want to imbibe (preferably poured into Coke or shared among friends, since consuming that many shots in one sitting is surely a gateway to blackout).

So first Latin America, then the world?

Maybe not. The initial hurdle to the canned drink hitting the stores is its name: The Scotch Whisky Association is trying to get the product banned on the grounds that it violates labeling rules. Scottish whiskey, the group says, suggests that what's contained in the can is on par with the alcohol produced in Scotland -- and that's simply not so.

Name issues aside, we're not sure the stuff is going to pass muster, mostly because we can't imagine drinking whiskey on the beach. We hope we're wrong. Here in Colorado, we can think of a few athletic types who live and die by canned beverages because they can take them on river-rafting trips or cart it to the top of a mountain without adding much container weight. Then again, eight shots of whiskey at altitude -- too intense?

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