Se7en's liquor license is suspended due to sales to minors

After serving alcohol to a minor three times in three months, Se7en, the Asian fusion restaurant located in the Beauvallon, has been slapped with a 25-day suspension of its liquor license.

Rather than going nearly a month without selling alcohol, the restaurant has opted to stretch the sentence out, going alcohol-free once a week through next February.

The bad break is just the latest in a series of setbacks at the Beauvallon. Since its completion in 2005, ten restaurants have opened and closed there.

Still, Jax Wong decided to give the space at 925 Lincoln Street a shot in August 2010 when he opened Se7en, whose name is explained by a menu that features seven ever-changing dishes. Each day, one item is dropped and a new entree is added, which means that every seven days, the kitchen offers an entirely new menu. Unfortunately for Wong, for the next six months booze will be missing one of those seven days.

Here are the remaining dates of suspension:

September 6 September 12 September 19 September 26 October 3 October 10 October 17 October 24 November 7 November 14 November 21 November 28 December 5 December 12 December 19 December 24 December 25 January 2 January 9 January 16 January 23 January 30 February 6

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