Second Helpings

Second Helping

When this spot was known as Burgers-n-Sports, before last year's run-in with In-N-Out attorneys, it was a great burger joint, serving waxed-paper-wrapped singles and doubles, excellent hand-cut fries and killer milkshakes, all under the watchful gaze of Colorado's own Goose Gossage. With its green paint, chain-link décor and gift shop, the place was a bit on the schlocky side, but that was easily forgiven considering the excellent grub being offered by a kitchen that ground its own burgers every morning and took great care to put out a superior product.

Unfortunately, with the name change (and a welcome new color scheme) came a change in the food -- and not for the better. On two recent visits, the once-crisp fries were limp and flavorless. And the cheeseburgers were a nightmare -- tough, dry and covered with little bits of carbon char that showed they'd been cooked on a grill badly in need of cleaning. Only the shakes, which were as thick and good as ever, seemed to have survived unscathed.

And so I'm withdrawing my former endorsement of this once-great burger joint. I'll continue to drop in from time to time, to see if Old School Burgers manages to get its act together. But for now, School's out.

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Jason Sheehan
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