Second Street Art Market and Wine Bar drying up

Heather and Doug Buchman are closing down their Second Street Art Market and Wine Bar in Monument. "The time has come for us to move forward from this experience and do more of what we do best," they report.

The wine bar will remain open through Saturday; after that, they'll be selling off the contents of the gallery market, with a parking lot sale this weekend at 366 Second Street in Monument.

For a look back, here's the history of the place from its website:

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Second Street Art Market and Wine Bar begins with the premise that life is a gift and everything in it a little magical. The dream, or vision of the market and wine bar, began in 1997 when Douglas Buchman suggested to his soon-to-be bride, Heather, that one day they open a little store, one where she could share the things she loved--art, wine, music, books, and other pretty little things.

Ten years, and two young sons later, we opened in 2007 believing two things. One, we will always be changing and evolving, and forever believe in infinite possibilities. Two, and most significantly, we will find both customers and artists who are kindred spirits in our wondrous journey.

Before this part of the journey ends, stop in and raise a glass.

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