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Seems like old times at Mel's

We'd timed our exit as skillfully as possible, Laura and I. The bill was paid, the plates cleared, and we were sitting at our table at Mel's Bar and Grill almost silently, our heads down, making just enough uncomfortable small talk to dissuade anyone from coming over and starting a conversation.

Chef (and part-owner) Chad Clevenger was standing by the host's podium, going over the book for the night and making calls about reservations. The podium was right by the door. And we definitely did not want our exit to turn into a discussion of the meal we'd just finished. That wouldn't go well for anyone. All we wanted was to slink off into the parking lot and vanish.

Yeah, not everything went as well as I'd hoped at Mel's. And I don't think they went as well as Clevenger might've hoped, either. You can read about all the details and damage right here tomorrow--along with the details of the conversation I had with Clevenger after my meals were done. I also take a quick look at a place that was just as good as I expected, Sexy Pizza at 1018 East 11th avenue.

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Jason Sheehan
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