Seven Cups teahouse will dry up on South Pearl

The South Pearl massacre continues! After three years on that street, Seven Cups is preparing to close its doors. The low-key tearoom's afternoon tea service and Mahjongg nights will run until January 22, and the store will remain open as it sells its remaining merchandise.

This is the fourth closing along South Pearl Street strip over the past two weeks.

After announcements of the imminent closing were posted on the Seven Cups website and sent out in a customer newsletter, traffic definitely increased, says manager Kimberley Farley -- a bittersweet reminder that while there might be a market for an authentic Chinese teahouse, it wasn't quite large enough to keep the space going.

"The hardest thing is disappointing the regulars," says Seven Cups owner Greg Fellman. Those regulars were part of a small but loyal community that grew around the shop's weekly Mahjongg sessions, as well as devoted connoisseurs of its hard-to-find teas.

Fellman's deep commitment to bringing a wide selection of oolong, puer and green teas and more to the Denver area is clear in the shop, where rows of glass jars line the shelves, each containing different leaves and a detailed description of the tea's age, origin and flavor profile.

Teas will still be available for purchase through the Seven Cups website, though the staff's integral knowledge in guiding choices and perfect steeping instructions will definitely be missed. Seven Cups will sell off its remaining inventory during regular business hours through January 22; after that, the shop will be open intermittently.

No definite date has been set for the day when Seven Cups finally calls it quits.

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