Sexy Pizza wants you to be a little bit SAFER

Sexy Pizza's now offering up a little politics with its pie. The Capitol Hill pizzeria, located at 1018 East 11th Avenue, started offering a new pizza last week, with a portion of each purchase going to Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation, a local drug policy reform organization.

The SAFER pizza comes with red sauce, basil, tomatoes, garlic, feta and mozzarella and will sell for the same prices as its other specialty pizzas: $17.99 for a large; $16.99 for a medium; and $13.99 for a small. One dollar of each pizza, and 25 cents of each slice, will be set aside for SAFER. Slices go for $2.50 apiece.

Sexy Pizza owner Kayvan Khalatbari says he got the idea after chatting with SAFER executive director Mason Tvert. The idea for the toppings, he says, originated with an employee who had tried the pizza combination and wanted to put it on the menu. The new pie launched in association with SAFER's recent fifth anniversary celebration.

It's the first time the pizzeria has offered up proceeds to an organization, but Khalatbari says he'd be open to running similar promotions with other small businesses in the future. "We haven't done anything in the past, but if there's an organization that fits and that I know personally, I'd be more than happy to put it on the menu," he says.

The SAFER promotion is ongoing. "We plan on having it as long as SAFER's around," says Khalatbari.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.