Sexy Pizza's on the lookout for new locations

Capitol Hill's most suggestively-named pizzeria is in the scouting phase of bringing its New York-style, politically conscious pies to more Colorado residents. That's right: Sexy Pizza is about to get even sexier.

Owner Kayvan Khalatbari thinks the community is ready for more Sexy Pizza. The postage stamp-sized Capitol Hill spot at 1018 East 11th Avenue can barely keep up with weekend demand, he says, and they've stretched their delivery times to the limit.

Khalatbari says he's eyeballing the University of Denver area -- which is presently beyond their delivery boundary -- as well as the Highland neighborhood for potential spots. "Around the DU area would go well for kids down there and offer another late option for food," he says.

As for Highland, "There's not many pizza options. It's another place we can offer something a little different," he explains. "It's something we've thought about for a while. The big thing is going to be funding and finding a proper location."

Sexy Pizza is also in the early stages of securing a wine and beer license for its Capitol Hill restaurant. "We haven't taken any immediate action on it but we would like to take action in the next month or so," Khalatbari says. "We're definitely pursuing it."

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