Sexy Pizza's vegan options get us hot and bothered

Sexy Pizza's vegan options get us hot and bothered

Denver has plenty for the discerning plant-based diner, especially pizza. This town has so many good vegan pies that it's getting increasingly tough to pick a favorite. One thing we know for sure: The vegan and vegetarian pizzas at Sexy Pizza are swoon-worthy, especially on that delectable, decadent, perfectly baked crust.

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As you enter the original Sexy Pizza in Capitol Hill (there's a second on South Pearl), you can see the wood-fired ovens they use for baking and the stacks and stacks and stacks of pizza boxes waiting to be filled and delivered; there are also sliced-up pies for passersby who can't resist the smell coming off East 11th Avenue and wander in for a bite.

The veggie pizza (pictured above) has all the standard toppings -- tomatoes, green peppers, olives, onions and mushrooms -- but there's nothing standard about the sum of the parts. The fresh ingredients, melty dairy-free cheese and crispy, bubbled-up-on-the-edges crush add up to something freaking delicious.

Sexy Pizza's vegan options get us hot and bothered

The spinach pie (pictured above) is Sexy's crave-worthy white pizza (olive oil, garlic, ricotta, feta and mozzarella) topped with handfuls of fresh spinach. This is one of four pizzas that benefit different pro-marijuana causes (SSDP happens to be the white-spinach beneficiary; LEAP, SAFER and Sensible Colorado are the other three), and the SAFER pie, a margherita-style, is also vegetarian.

Swing in to Sexy Pizza or order some up for delivery; call 303-830-8111 or visit


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