If you were the person you'd always wanted to be, would you look like this?

Shazam! Shazz Cafe suddenly appears

Suddenly, Lowell Boulevard is becoming a very hot restaurant street. First, of course, there was the much ballyhooed transformation of the old Billy's Inn at 4403 Lowell into the very cool, very hip Billy's Inn.

In contrast, Shazz Cafe and Bar opened its doors at 4262 Lowell with relatively little fanfare on Saturday. But its ambitious menu should start making some big noise soon.

Its web site opens with this quote from Barbara Kingsolver: "Eaters must understand, how we eat determines how the world is used." And those are words to live by at Shazz, where owner Benny Kaplan is emphasizing seasonal and local ingredients, from farm to table.

"If you threw out all pre-conceived notions and societal pressures and became the person you always wanted to be," his site promises, "you would be Shazz."

And on Lowell Boulevard, no less. Shazz is serving dinner six days a week (it's closed Tuesdays); for more information, call 303-477-1407.

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