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Shhh! Secret menu items at Denver restaurants revealed: Bittersweet's gravlax

Last week, we embarked on a mission to expose secret dishes that Denver restaurants don't divulge on their menus -- dishes that you have to specifically ask for if you want to be privy to the secret stash.

We already revealed that Keegan Gerhard, the pastry/savory chef at D Bar Desserts, has a slew of off-menu dishes, including "The Presley" and the "Elvis Presley," both of which honor the king of pelvic thrusts.

Olav Peterson, the owner/executive chef of Bittersweet, is currently working on his fall menu, and while it won't launch until October, you can get a sneak peek of what he has in store by ordering the Norwegian gravlax, an off-menu dish that you won't see on Peterson's board for at least a month.

A whimsy take on a bagel and lox, the plate is graced with a knoll of gravlax, house-cured pickles, Granny apple slaw, caper berries, garlic- and chive-smooched cream cheese mousse, a cured egg yolk and housemade toasted bagel chips. It sells for $11.

By the way, if you haven't stopped by to admire Peterson's patio gardens, flush with fresh herbs and summer produce, including beautiful chard, you owe it to yourself to do so.

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Lori Midson
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