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Reader: Smothering Breakfast Burritos Is Definitely a Colorado Thing

Reader: Smothering Breakfast Burritos Is Definitely a Colorado Thing
Mark Antonation

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King Josh
Say the Bakers: 
Colorado burritos are pinner, compared to California burros.
Adds Eric: 
A burrito is handheld by design. Colorado is weird like that, though. You and your green chile smothering.
Responds Daniel:
 You are wrong again...a burrito is never eaten in your hand. Smothered! Where the F are you from!
Beckita replies: 
They are supposed to be handheld. And this smothering business is definitely a Colorado thing.
Smothering is definitely a Colorado thing, but so are handheld breakfast burritos. For that matter, is there another city in the country that has door-to-door burrito peddlers?

What do you think about smothered compared to handheld? What's your favorite breakfast burrito? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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