Shut your Pie Hole...it's now Abode

Abode takes a slice out of Larimer Square.

At one point this year, Bill Ward had three joints in Larimer Square: Slim 7, Below and Pie Hole, the late-night pizza spot he originally wanted to call Pi, but had to rename when the new Hilton Garden Inn at 1400 Welton Street named its restaurant Pi.

But now Ward's closed his Pie Hole, selling the basement spot to Andrew Labbe, who’s already turned it into Abode. Labbe plans to revamp the space in the next month or so; in the meantime, he's keeping Abode open after the bar closes at 2 a.m., making it the only after-hours club in LoDo.

Slim 7 is gone, too. Ward hopes to move the concept to Cherry Creek; the sliver of space the club once occupied will become the kitchen and a private party room for Troy Guard’s new restaurant, TAG, slated for a February 2009 opening. Ward still has Below, though, which ccupies a basement spot right next to Abode.

The more things change...

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