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Silvi's Kitchen Closes on Colfax, Will Reopen With New Concept

The U Baron Group has encountered mixed responses since changing the name of its three Udi's Pizza Cafes to Silvi's Kitchen. "People either say, 'You're so much better than the old owners,'" notes Etai Baron, "or they tell us, 'The old owners were so much better.'" This despite the fact that it was only a name change and not a change in the ownership or food. The three Silvi's restaurants have become known as family-oriented, lunchtime eateries, something Baron says has worked well at the South Colorado Boulevard and Arvada locations, but didn't fit the Colfax Avenue vibe as well. And so the company closed that location on Wednesday, but hopes to have a new concept open in the space by February. See also: Arch Pizza Closes All Three Metro Denver Stores

"It's still in the works," adds Baron, of the yet-to-be named new concept. "We need to do something a little different for the neighborhood -- something more bar-focused."

The space originally opened as Encore when the Lowenstein Theatre building was restored and the Tattered Cover moved from Cherry Creek North. Udi's took over in the fall of 2012 and then changed the name to Silvi's (named after Udi Baron's mother) earlier this year, when the Udi's name was sold to Smart Balance along with the company's packaged gluten-free baked goods line.

"We've got a great landlord," says Baron. "We're working with him on this. I love being next to the Tattered Cover, next to the Sie (Film Center) and Twist & Shout." The Baron Group also owns Braun Taphaus & Grille in Arvada, so any new restaurant in the Silvi's space could take on a similar vibe. Whatever the final plan, Baron says, it will definitely be more drinker-oriented.

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