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Six Colorado Chai Beers to Keep You Feeling Spicy This Winter

Six Colorado Chai Beers to Keep You Feeling Spicy This Winter
Great Divide Brewing

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click to enlarge AVERY BREWING
Avery Brewing
Chai High
Avery Brewing

Avery Brewing brought back Chai High, a robustly-spiced brown ale, in six-packs late last summer, and although its seasonality only lasts through November, you may still be able to find it on a few shelves. This time around, the brewery teamed up with Boulder-based Bhakti Chai, which produces fair trade tea made with sustainably sourced ingredients. "The chai concentrate uses fresh pressed organic ginger from Peru, which gives Chai High its spicy kick that will awaken all senses," Avery says.

Black Shirt Brewing
Fourtrack Chai Porter
Black Shirt Brewing

Black Shirt Brewing will once again tap Fourtrack Chai Porter, a seasonal beer, at its Ugly Sweater Party on Saturday, December 16. Black Shirt has enjoyed experimenting with chai spices in beer since it opened five years ago. This one was brewed with cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, clove and ginger, all of which "delicately pair with the silky smooth body of Fourtrack Porter," a Black Shirt core beer. "These spices blend perfectly with the milk chocolate, caramel and toffee backdrop of the porter, leaving you with all the warm feelings," the brewery says.

click to enlarge The Chai-pple doughnut. - GLAZED AND CONFUZED
The Chai-pple doughnut.
Glazed and Confuzed
Chai-pple Pie Oatmeal Stout
Fiction Beer Company

Donut Panic, Fiction Beer Company's annual collaboration with Glazed & Confuzed Doughnuts, returns to the brewery on Saturday, December 23, and this year's doughnut beer is Chai-pple Pie Oatmeal Stout, which was brewed with vanilla, cinnamon, chai spices and, of course, doughnuts. The base beer is a "chewy, rich and smooth oatmeal stout," the brewery says. The inspiration for the beer was the Chai-pple Doughnut from Glazed & Confuzed, which was named one of fourteen must-try doughnuts in the country by Zagat. Fiction will release the beer on tap, and there will be doughnut pairings and a food truck.
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