Six places to drink a pint of Guinness

What with all the back-and-forth about Irish bars and pubs and places to drink and places to eat over the past few days, I figured I'd devote this week's edition of the List to the quest for the ideal pint o' plain.

Guinness.  Not my drink, necessarily (I'm a Harp man), but important to so many of my fellow barley-drinkers out there.  And so, while I don't yet know whether or not these are the six best places in town to be knocking back a couple, I do know that they're the ones on my list to visit over the next couple weeks.


1) The Auld Dubliner (2796 South Broadway).  I like the name, and it's gotten a lot of support among commenters.

2) Nallen's (1429 Market Street). Got to give credit to any joint that gets a good rating on Citysearch even though the poster's girlfriend got cut in the face with a broken bottle.

3) Scruffy Murphy's (2030 Larimer Street).  Frankly, I just like the name.

4) Dougherty's (5 East Ellsworth) Went here one night when I couldn't get into Beatrice & Woodsley around the corner.  Nice joint with a good bar, but honestly, I didn't even know they served food until the chef managed to pass me his business card through one of our other writers.  He swears up and down that it's the best Irish food in the city (and has some supporters for his shepherd's pie), but burgers stuffed with jalapenos and cream cheese,and pappadum sandwiches?  I don't know...

5) The Irish Rover (54 South Broadway). "Irish owned and Irish friendly" is what it says in their advertising.  We'll see.

6) Trinity (29017 Hotel Way, El Rancho). This is a new one, a proud one (calling itself "traditional" in a very uppity manner) and an interesting one simply because El Rancho (which is located kinda between Golden and Idaho Springs) doesn't exactly strike me as the kind of place badly in need of an Irish pub 00 traditional or otherwise. Also, it makes the list simply because, in addition to serving Irish breakfasts (which ought to be two pints, three cigarettes and a pint, don't you think?), bacon and cabbage, and salmon in mustard sauce, it also does baked ravioli, basmati rice and waffles. And that's just weird, right?

Bottoms up.

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