Sketch and El Diablo celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a new courtyard, Mexican beers and spit-roasted lambs

Restaurateur Jesse Morreale, who owns Sketch, El Diablo and La Rumba, is always contemplating his next move, and his latest endeavor is a courtyard that will occupy the vast, graveled space that resides behind the back doors of Sketch and El Diablo, which sit side by side on the corner of Broadway and First Avenue.

And while the new courtyard is a work in progress, Morreale and El Diablo exec chef, Sean Yontz, are unveiling it tomorrow, on day one of a three-day Cinco de Mayo blowout that begins promptly at 2 p.m.

"We're taking a lot of the unused space in the back and turning it into a great outdoor gathering place for both Sketch and El Diablo," says Morreale. "You can sip a coffee, drink wine and eat salumi from Sketch while sitting next to a table knocking back margaritas and eating enchiladas from El Diablo."

Tomorrow through Saturday, however, the fenced-off courtyard will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with two bars, canopies, plenty of tables, an outdoor kitchen, and a stage for live music and other performances, like dancing from the Aztec Goddess of Eating. On Saturday, Morreale is setting up a lucha libre wrestling match -- traditional Mexican wrestling characterized by colorful costumes and masks. "This is, flat-out, going to be the biggest, most badass Cinco de Mayo party in the city," promises Morreale, who likens it to St. Patrick's Day at the Cherry Cricket -- but with entertainment.

And Yontz, who's commanding the food side of things, is going all out, spit-roasting two fifty-pound lambs from Fruition Farms and serving lamb tacos, pastor tacos, grilled, chile-rubbed whole chickens, frijoles charros, Mexican-style grilled corn and Mexican ice cream bars. "We'll be serving the lamb until it runs out," says Yontz, who estimates that it'll be gone by Friday night -- and laments that he should have gotten three.

In addition, notes Morreale, tomorrow's party will kick off with a piñata whack for kids, and there will be several food and Mexican beer and shot specials running through Saturday night. If you want to forgo the Mexican barbecue, Sketch and El Diablo will also offer their regular menus.

For more information, call 303-954-0324.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.