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Skew will bring culture on a stick to the DU 'hood in November

Culture on a stick.

That's the new concept that Hutch Phanichamnuay and his wife, Wattra Phairatphiboon, are bringing to the University of Denver neighborhood in November when they unleash Skew, a fast-casual joint at 2070 South University, located in the former Stick-e Star space, which closed earlier this year.

"No one in Denver has ever done this kind of concept before, and we want to introduce something different to the community, especially since I grew up with food on sticks," says Phanichamnuay, who was born and raised in Thailand and attended the University of Denver. "Our goal is to eventually create more than one hundred different combinations of marinated skewers, including meat, seafood and vegetarian, and we'll offer more than a dozen at any one time."

Skewers, he says, that will be influenced by the flavors of Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, Vietnam and China and accompanied by sticky rice cooked in bamboo steamers. "Sticky rice is very different from regular rice," says Phanichamnuay. "It's the essential compliment to these flavors, and because it's pliable and easily molded, you don't need utensils to eat it; you can hold your meat in one hand and a ball of rice in the other."

In other words, finger food.

"We've adopted a Zen-like approach -- holistic and wholesome -- that stems from homemade recipes using natural meats, herbs and seasonings that are healthy and delicious," explains Phanichamnuay, who eventually wants to expand his concept nationwide.

The space, which is being designed by the same crew who brought the funky, retro groove to Snooze, will offer counter service only, augmented by a sit-down dining room and full bar service. Skew will be open daily, featuring its full menu from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For more info, call 720-328-0018, or visit

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