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Slim Cessna rocks late-night eats at Pete's Kitchen after his Denver shows

Slim Cessna hasn't lived in Denver for a decade but that doesn't mean he's forgotten where he came from. Cessna, who fronts the band Slim Cessna's Auto Club, has lived in Pittsburgh since 2000 but still practices and records his brand of country-punk-gospel rock in Colorado -- all but one of the band's other five members still call the state home.

The band also starts all of their tours here, including the current one, where they're touring on the heels of their March EP release, "Buried Behind the Barn," a collection of previously unreleased (at least mainstream-wise) tracks Cessna describes as a compilation essentially meant to appease label owner and former Dead Kennedys rocker Jello Biafra's preference for vinyl.

But the Boulder-area native's connections to Colorado also extend to food. When Slim is in town, he has a tradition of loading up at one of Denver's most popular late-night hangouts post shows.

Packing up late typically means the lines won't be as long when he makes it over to Pete's Kitchen, 1962 East Colfax Avenue, for a breakfast burrito. The $6.95 bomb comes with eggs and hash browns wrapped in a tortilla with a choice of accoutrements. Cessna gets his with bacon, green chile -- which he describes as "kind of weird" -- and tomatoes.

It's a tradition."I don't think I've ever eaten anything else there," he says. "It's comfortable and familiar." The last time he had it, it was after a show at the Oriental Theater. "I had it at 4 a.m.," he remembers.

If he's not chowing down at Pete's, you might find Cessna getting his hands on some of bandmate Jay Munly's cooking. "He makes really good chicken wings, and I miss those. And so every once in a while he makes them for me when I'm in town." Defying his Colorado roots, Munly also makes a great chicken fried steak, Cessna claims. "He really should have his own restaurant."

The band, which is currently recording a new album, will be playing two shows in Colorado next month. You can catch up with Slim, Munly and crew on Friday, July 9 at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins or the following night at the Larimer Lounge in Denver (and perhaps at Pete's over burritos afterward).

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