SmartCo is sprouting up all over the place

SmartCo is swiftly making its mark on Colorado. Barely two months ago, SmartCo didn't even have a website. Since then, the supersize, discount supermarket has been taking root -- and attracting the interest of dozens of incompetent jobseekers (see comments) -- on the Front Range.

In addition to two locations in Denver, the growing chain opened a store in Longmont last week and has plans to knock out two more in coming weeks in Centennial and Littleton before ending its summer rush. Over the next few years, the company anticipates opening an additional 20-25 grocery stores in Colorado.

Why so many, so fast? According to director of corporate communications, Randall Oliver, it's just the right place at the right time. "We are opening five stores initially based on the availability of the right type of real estate," he says.

The supermarkets -- part bulk and restaurant supply, part discount supermarket and part specialty goods -- pride themselves on their low prices, wide selection and attractiveness to different types of consumers.

SmartCo currently has supermarkets at 1442 South Parker Road and 5141 Chambers Road and at 1750 North Main Street in Longmont.

The Centennial store, slated to open next Wednesday, July 28, is located at 16746 East Smokey Hill Road; the Littleton SmartCo is slated to open August 4 at 3615 West Bowles Avenue.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.