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Smashburger hauls its buns all the way to Costa Rica

Smashburger, a homegrown burger chain, just opened a new location in Costa Rica. And so far, it's been a smashing success, with a special, indigenous burger and fries combo and more international flavors to come.

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Smashburger's Costa Rica restaurant opened December 1 at Centro Comercial Lincoln Plaza, Moravia, San Jose, and franchise owner (QSR International) Richard Eisenberg was there to christen the new location. "We are delighted and privileged to have opened our first Smashburger location in Costa Rica," Eisenberg proclaimed. "It's a restaurant that truly sets a new standard in the way people enjoy burgers."

At the opening, Smashburger revealed its regionally-inspired Costa Rica Burger and Pejibaye Frites: a burger topped with chorizo, grilled Turrialba cheese, refried black beans, fried potato sticks and Lizano cilantro mayo on an egg bun, accompanied by frites that are flash-fried and seasoned peach palm fruit with cilantro mayo.

That's not on the menu in this state, where Smashburger serves a Colorado burger with cheddar, pepperjack and green chile. While Smashburger tries to offer a regional burger in every market, the company doesn't do sneak-peek reveals for food writers. "Smashburger doesn't unveil regional burger recipes until the time of the grand openings...helps add to the excitement of the opening," says Smashburger's Kristina Jorge.

"Our expansion into Latin America is an important milestone for Smashburger," says David Prokupek, chairman and CEO of Smashburger. "We've built a brand that has a strong, passionate following well-beyond the borders of the United States. Costa Rica is certain to be a great market for us."

This opening is the third international market for the brand outside the United States. There are currently locations in Kuwait and Canada, and plans to open stores in Saudi Arabia early next year. Eisenberg also hopes to open more locations in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

"The grand opening dates for additional Latin American locations have not yet been confirmed, but the seventeen additional locations are slated to open over the next few years," says Jorge.

That's a long way to haul buns, but Smashburger is getting pretty good at getting around.

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