Snooze's patio: Great for winter or more depressing than Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Over the weekend, during brunch at the Ballpark Snooze, 2262 Larimer Street, we endured the joint's inevitable hour-long waits for a pancake flight and eggs Benny by soaking up the Colorado sunshine on the patio. Despite the fact that the morning temps were in the fifties -- a welcome relief after a stretch of days with highs in the negatives -- it really wasn't quite warm enough to be outdoors.

Except at Snooze, which thoroughly heats its patio year 'round, allowing the morning's considerable population of patrons -- mostly stir-crazy Denverites sporting flip-flops and shorts -- to catch some rays in the dead of winter.

So I was all set to sing the praises of that patio here today, but then Jonathan Shikes, aka Colorado Beer Man, burst my space-heater-warmed bubble.

"It's got to be the worst patio view in Denver," he insisted. "It's one that has to make people feel REALLY guilty." He's referring, of course, to the fact that the patio looks out onto a dilapidated stretch of Park Avenue -- and the Eddie Maestas Park in front of the Denver Rescue Mission, which serves as a gathering place for Denver's homeless population, earning this spot the nickname "BUMuda Triangle."

Point taken -- especially considering that's the view you're privy to before you spend about $20 per person (or more, depending on how much you drink) on breakfast.

Which made us wonder: Is there a better wintertime patio in Denver?

If you know of one, post it below.

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