So foie, so good: Euclid Hall adds a few menu items

The first six weeks at Euclid Hall were one wild ride, culminating in chef/owner Jennifer Jasinski being named Denver Magazine's Chef of the Year -- and then the restaurant doing 600 covers last Saturday, as Great American Beer Festers left the convention center and headed down to 1317 14th Street to give Euclid Hall's extensive beer list and meat-laden menu a workout.

Things had calmed down considerably by last night, when we stopped in for a last beer -- and learned that chef de cuisine Jorel Pierce had just introduced a few new dishes that day.

Crispy Sweetbreads with Colorado plum-chili sweet and sour sauce are now on the board; we tried these as a special a few weeks ago, when the sweetbreads were lamb, but Pierce says he's leaving the animal non-specific on the menu, so he can just go with whatever's fresh. And speaking of fresh, the menu now features Fall Mushroom Soup and Cast Iron Roasted Vegetables with EPA honey rosemary glaze, for those looking for a respite from the hand-cranked sausages.

But that respite is brief, because Pierce also added Foie Grae by the ounce (at $7 per), as well as an amazing the Seared Muscovy Duck Foie Gras Mini Poutine, with Kennebec fries, kimchi and hoisin ($16).

Pierce promises even more menu changes in early October, when the restaurant will be all of two months old. But in the meantime, so foie, so good.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.