So pho, so good at Pho 7

You can't keep a good pho place down.

A few days ago, I wrote about the temporary destruction of Pho 7 by two men, one silver BMW and too many action movies in "Talk about a cursed location!" When this spot at 10009 East Hampden Avenue in Aurora was home to Istanbul Grill, I narrowly missed witnessing a robbery (the owner and other customers were not so lucky), and last Saturday, a dingbat drove straight into Pho 7, which took over the space early this year.

Said dingbat, one Alejandro Dominguez-Lopez, is currently being held at Denver County Jail; yesterday he was charged with two counts of vehicular assault, one count of menacing and one count of leaving the scene of leaving an accident (right before he hit a police vehicle and was arrested).

I took a spin by the restaurant yesterday, and was pleased to see that it had already put itself back together and was back to dishing out the good stuff. Amazing, but within days of the accident -- in which one patron suffered severe injuries, and several others narrowly escaped --there was no sign whatsoever of the mayhem.

Okay, maybe one sign: a brand-new one stating that the premises are now under 24-hour video and audio surveillance. Which, all things considered, might not be the worst idea in the world.

Big Brother is watching…you eat pho. -- Jason Sheehan

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