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Social Sightings: Our Food Editor's Five Favorite Recent Bites

It's tasty out there.
Khao soi with crispy chicken at La Mai Thai.
Khao soi with crispy chicken at La Mai Thai. Molly Martin
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Monday mornings are tough, but this series isn't. Social Sightings is a quick taste of recent food tidbits. It goes down as easy as your first cup of coffee, and should whet your appetite for the week ahead.

From curry to spicy noodle dishes, Thai food is one of the cuisines I crave most when the temperatures start to drop. I recently visited La Mai Thai Kitchen, which Daughter Thai co-owner Orrapan Botthaisong opened in September in Edgewater. The menu includes many classics, but Botthaisong, who made a bold move from Thailand to the U.S. a decade ago, is excited to share her take on those dishes. Khao soi, a curry soup with noodles, is typically made with tender, slow-cooked chicken; you can get that traditional version at La Mai, but the eatery also offers the dish with fried chicken for a fun, comforting twist. Another standout: Botthaisong's personal favorite, the basil fried rice.
Instagram: @lamaithaikitchen
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Molly Martin
After learning more about the story behind Björn's Honey, a farmers' market staple, I was excited to find new ways to use this local product for fall — particularly its spicy collaboration with Jojo's Sriracha for a dip that's super-simple and great for get-togethers: whipped goat cheese topped with diced and roasted honeynut squash, fried shallots and pepitas, drizzled with plenty of that hot and sweet honey.
Instagram: @bjorns_co_honey
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Molly Martin
On November 3, hungry food lovers gathered at the McNichols Building for Westword's Feast — the first full, in-person edition of the event since 2019. While there were plenty of tasty bites, the showstopper was the carne asada from My Neighbor Felix in the VIP area. The dish offered a sneak peek at the menu being created by chef Johnny Curiel for Felix's new DTC location, which is slated to open in December. Learn more about Curiel and future plans at Lotus Concepts. Hint: They include two new concepts that will debut next year.
Instagram: @myneighborfelix
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Molly Martin
We're gearing up to release the 2023 edition of the 100 restaurants we can't live without, coming next month. One of the spots on our current list is Angelo's, which has been feeding Denver for decades. While it's a great place for lunch and dinner, my favorite time to visit is happy hour (3 to 6 p.m. and 9 to close daily) for the oysters. The raw pick of the day are $1 apiece, but I always spring for some $2 chargrilled bivalves, too, doused in garlic, butter and Pecorino cheese.
Instagram: @angelostaverna
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Molly Martin
Before the 100 restaurants list is revealed in December, watch for our latest edition of the 100 bars we can't live without. I've spent all year sipping my way around the city, and one of the most memorable cocktails I found was at Retrograde, the speakeasy-style bar inside the Frozen Matter ice cream shop. The Cybernetic Showdown is a great example of the way this spot likes to "get weird," as the bartender told me. Part herbal and part floral with a savory, unctuous punch, it's made with duck fat-infused Träkál (a Patagonian spirit), salted honeydew-switched Comoz Blanc vermouth and lemongrass. The menu will be updated soon for winter, and it's sure to be filled with the unexpected.
Instagram: retrograde_dnvr
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