Soldiering on through the snow at Frasca

This just in from the boys at Frasca: "Despite receiving over 14 inches of snow (and counting...) on Frasca's patio today, we'll still be open this evening for regular dinner service. We hope to see you soon."

Two feet of snow. More on the way. But what do chefs do? Keep working, that's what. The people need dinner, and that means they're gonna need someone to cook it.

Not only that, but Frasca is still taking reservations for dinner. That's pretty hardcore. And the way I look at it, you've still got time to pull on the snowpants and get your ass over there. Provided you live close, that is. Or are willing to make a hike out of it. God knows, if I lived in Boulder, I'd be suiting up for the walk right now.


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