Something's cooking in Summit County

Something's cooking in Summit County

Imagine being in an endless meadow high in the mountains, the shadows of a few clouds dancing with the deep green of the ground. You reach into your quaint napsack for a bite (you MUST keep up those energy levels on wildflower hikes, lest you miss the Asteraceae on your right) and out comes a...PB and J sandwich?

Definitely not a great fit for the setting. And so the people at Applause!, a fundraising committee for the Breckenridge Music Festival, are working on a Summit County cookbook, slated for publication in June 2010.

In the meantime, they're looking for suggestions. "Entertaining! Summit Style will offer recipes for an assortment of special experiences in keeping with our active lifestyle, ranging from a winter skier's weekend, to a 'Mud Season' party, to a summer wildflower hike, to a bike outing on mountain trails in the fall," explains Applause's Genia Gallagher. "We are looking for formal as well as family-type recipes, like elegant cocktail parties for an opening night concert."

If you have any great ideas for Summit County cuisine -- which Gallagher describes as "one that highlights our active lifestyle and one that is centered around the outdoors, family and friends" -- then e-mail her at


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