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South Federal vs. Lower Highland: The Street 16 championship!

Cafe Society readers have narrowed the field of sixteen down to just two in our Street 16 neighborhood tournament. This week South Federal and LoHi face off after beating Boulder and Tennyson respectively.

So which is the single-best neighborhood for eating in Denver, South Federal or LoHi?

Vote below!

Here is what South Federal has going for it:

So pho, so good! The pho restaurants -- like Pho Duy and Pho 95 -- of South Federal Boulevard are just the start of the culinary pot-stirring along that stretch of road. You'll also find Vietnamese restaurants like New Saigon and Saigon Bowl that boast more expansive menus; Asian markets and bakeries that sell all matter of exotic ingredients (as well as some of those ingredients already rolled up into sandwiches); Chinese restaurants like Super Star Asian and Hong Kong Barbecue that have special, secret menus; other Chinese restaurants like Star Kitchen that roll out dim sum all day. And, of course, there's an endless array of Mexican options, from La Villa Real, a streetside taco truck, to mole-slinging Tarasco's to stands selling shrimp so fresh you'd swear you were on the coast.

And here's why Lower Highland should get your vote:

Just a few years ago, there was little reason to venture into Lower Highland unless you were after Mexican fare at Patzcuaro or a canoli from Lechuga's, Denver mainstays that reflect different eras. But soon after Lola took up residence on the corner of 16th and Boulder and the neighborhood adopted the LoHi nickname, the area exploded with eateries: Duo, Z Cuisine, Masterpiece Deli, the Wooden Spoon Bakery, Highland Tap & Burger, Root Down, Linger, the Ale House at Amato's and Williams & Graham among them. And there's no end in sight: Pastry pro Yasmin Lozada-Hissom will soon open a dessert spot on West 32nd Avenue, and Central Bistro and Bar will slide in next to the Ale House.

Voting ends at 11:59 p.m., Sunday, April 1. The winner will be announced on Monday. See all of our Street 16 match-ups.

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