Southern Sun recycling ablaze!

The Southern Sun, a brewpub located at 627 South Broadway in Boulder, was on fire last week -- and I don't mean that in the "my-God-they're-on-a-roll" way, or the "five-alarm-epic-battle-with-nature" way, either. Apparently, something (possibly a cigarette butt) caught fire in the recycling bins outside the restaurant -- and since the bins themselves are made of petroleum, they began to burn, too. But the fire department came quickly, and there was only some minor window damage to the pub, which opened in 2002.

The employees at Southern Sun and its sister restaurant, Mountain Sun (located at 1535 Pearl Street in Boulder), have a unique skill set: All of them rotate through all the jobs in the restaurant. That means the dude who made your burger last night may be serving you an award-winning brew tonight. I wonder if one of those rotations includes firefighting?

And talk about hot: On February 1, both Boulder Suns as well as their new sibling, Vine Street Pub (1700 Vine Street in Denver), will kick off a month of Stout love.

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